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Lost Bunny

9. 8. 2020

A family of bunnies awoke and immediately after the Zajunka-daughter got up and screaming for mommy ..: "Mum, wants me to school! Sick of me!" "But Zajunko, schools must" Mom said. "You have to learn well, you had a good career," "But you do not understand, bully me there!" Zajunka swears, I hate school! you do not love me! "" But Zajunko .... "wants to tell mom, but Zajunka is gone. Zajunka climbed into his room and locked up." Yeah, right ... you worry about me, just wait, they run away "She sat down on the bed and turned the telly ... Gave her favorite show ... One presenter advises all cats to eat grass, it cleans your teeth. shows the demo ... (it's only a 10 minute program) When finally finished, zbalila your bags and jumped out the window. slowly and secretly odpolížila from the house and went, she did not know where .. already started to get dark and Zajunka found itself in the middle of the forest. it was not seen on way, and so he spread her blanket as she packed with her, pulled the pillow under himself gave a little moss and tried to sleep .... However, I could not. terribly she missed her mother and father, missing her how her mother always read bedtime story, gave her a kiss goodnight ... she sat down and began to cry: "Bééé-hee why I just ran away from home? I was stupid! I should go home, but where? After all, I do not know where am I?! "


Zajunka began to be afraid, and so called for help, thinking that he could be overheard: "Help, help, where are? I'm scared! Mommy, Daddy!" She was not heard, she was too far away from the village. And so he lay down and cried and cried and covered with a blanket and soon heard the scary voices: huuuuu huuuuuuu uaaaaaaaaaa. "Aaaaa heelp who it is? Aaaaaaa, I'd rather be quieter, you do not notice me and not eat me" Crying Zajunka. It was the forest animals. Zajunka trembled with fear. She tried to sleep, so she remembered one story you told her mother and told her. Eventually she fell asleep. When he woke up, sat down, and look around with, "yeah, but I slept nicely and I've had a beautiful dream ... But where am I?" Thought Zajunka. "Actually, I cursed my mother, and then I ran away from home, oh yeah! Much I wanted to see mommy and daddy! Much I miss you ..." Zajunka regretted. And when he finally got up and went to look for something to eat, packed my things and went .. Found only mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries and wild strawberries. Mmm, that's good, but it would well and so went in search of the fountain. She long had been thirsty and finally found her. She took a sip and continued on her way ... As he went, found the fox burrow. She looked inside and exclaims: "Huu-uu, is anybody there?" From a young fox burrows climbed and said, "What do you want? Ubulánku .." Looking for a way home, and I'm not appl-ing ubulá-tions! "Sorry, I'll stop now discussed this and yell at me," Well, sorry, no! ".. Zajunka got mad." What a nice welcome, one and lose the other one it now commandos. Once I come to apologize .. "
It Zajunka afternoon and did not know what to do ... So they spread a blanket, lay down and watched the sky. Hours went by ... the discharge of the songs she had on mp3, walking around the forest and built a branch of what they found, and shelter. Piled in there pretty moss on the roof gave fern, allowing the rain and so nicely vystýlala bed until she passed the whole day. It was evening and Zajunka lay down and fell asleep ... In the morning she woke up and was sad fox, "You know, I came to you to apologize about yesterday, I'm so sorry ... forgive me?" "Yeah, you too JJA sorry, I had to yell at you .." Lisle smiles: "Friends" "Friends!" Zajunka nodded and shook hands. "I Zajunka, pleased to meet you" "I Lišmajka, I am pleased ..." So Lišmajka Zajunkou become friends with ... Zajunka she told how she ran away from home and how she heard ghostly voices in the night, and how she missed her mother and father, looking for a way back home ... Fox had carefully listened and laughed .. 
......... "You know what Zajunka?" Said Lišmajka "I'll help you get home, Mommy might not mind that I'm going to escort you home .... But will it take at least 5 days so we have somewhere to get a snack and I still pack your blanket and pillow ... "And so the two girls chatted Lišmajka told her to experience many adventurers and also show her new things ... Zajunka then advised her what to take with you to each other and when they were finally ready, Lišmajka still parted with mum and embarked on the journey ... the two naughty on the way together and bickered Lišmajka when it showed her new things ... "See? Maybe over there," pointing to her Lišmajka, "are deer and graze, look ... and hey! there came running to them sreneček! chi chi chi ..... How cute! "and Lišmajka as he showed Zajunce new things, made ​​it to the field ... There Lišmajka spurred her and both ran on straw bales ... But this dovyřáděli! Jumping from one package to the other and put the races ... "Deliberately Zajunka who catches the worm first there on the last package! Nejllepší Who wins the jumper in the world, right?" "Done" made ​​bets Zajunka ... "3, 2, 1, go!" Both started jumping like crazy ... in leadership is Zajunka, it's too bunny, ušáček .... chi chi chi, cha cha cha, they both laugh ... But, But, But Lišmajka catching up with her​​, he almost has her ... But she could not Zajunka was a hair in the finish before Lišmajka, "It is not fair enough, you've got long legs! "škebí the Lišmajka. "But nene, you were too good, you got a nice jump chi chi chi." Thank you, "she said Lišmajka," But we would have to go, whether we get at least somewhere before it gets dark ... "" That we should, uh .. "and so both lass on their way ...